Keypad with 8 configurable buttons and multicolour backlight

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Switch Panel Mini is a compact and multicolour backlight button panel that communicates with the Power FT line ECUs (FT450, FT500, FT500LITE, FT550 and FT600) through FTCAN 2.0.

Using SwitchPanel-4 Mini, SwitchPanel-5 Mini and SwitchPanel-8 Mini will make your build look even better. It’s compact size allows it to be installed in any space. It has versions of 4, 5 and 8 buttons. The identification of each button is done through several predefined labels that come with the product, in addition to allowing you to create your own label using the blank labels. In this way, each button will be very well identified, especially for the coloured LED lighting that varies according to the programmed function.


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