Skunk2 Tuner Stage 2 S2000 Cams 2.0L


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Gain an extra 12-15 hp and retain your factory idle and low-speed emissions with Skunk2’s Tuner Series Stage 2 Camshafts, our premier line of high-performance camshafts for Honda’s F-series S2000 engines. Tuner Series Stage 2 Camshafts are designed to optimize horsepower and torque on engines featuring free-flowing intake and exhaust tracts, increased compression, and upgraded valvetrain and are the result of Skunk2’s years’ worth of drag racing and road racing efforts. No other line of high-performance camshafts even comes close to Skunk2’s Tuner Series.

Part Number:305-05-0305

EngineF22C Vtec

Spec Tuner Stage 2 Cams


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