Skunk2 Tuner Dual Valve Springs & TI Retainers + Base


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Aftermarket cams increase the efficiency of your head by using higher lift and duration. Any time you increase the lift and duration of a cam, you are putting more stress on the valve, springs and retainers. Factory valve, springs were not made to handle the abuse of higher lift and duration, especially not at the rpm we take our engines to when racing, or even driving enthusiastically. If you are installing upgraded cams, do yourself a favour and install valve, springs and retainers while you’re in there.

Your stock valve springs can fail in 3 different ways.


They can “bind” and get stuck, losing their ability to open and close the valve. This is an easily diagnosable failure. Depending on how it binds, it could cause failure to other engine parts.

They can “break” into pieces dropping the valve into the combustion chamber and consequently ruining your bottom end.

“Valve Float” is a hard to diagnose condition where the valve spring rate is not high enough to fully extend the spring and close the valve after a complete rotation of the cam before the cam comes back around again. So what ends up happening is that when the cam is spinning fast (high rpm) the valve never closes, and combustion leaks out of the engine, and the engine loses power.

All three of these conditions can be avoided by using these Skunk2 Tuner Series Valve Springs and Ti Retainers.

Ask us about a Combo Package Deal for Cam Gears, Cams, Valvesprings, Retainers, and Valves.

Skunk2 has been on the market for years and has earned their reputation for making high end engine components. Skunk2 offers top of the line Cams and Valvetrain at a reasonable price.



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