Skunk2 Alpha Series Throttle Body


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This Skunk2 throttle body helps move more air through the head by using a larger diameter opening than stock. It is strongly suggested that the throttle body be upgraded with the intake manifold if you are upgrading to an aftermarket intake manifold. The skunk2 throttle body is one of the most high quality pieces we’ve seen on the market and we have seen several ranging from Edelbrock to Blox. We strongly suggest the use of the Skunk2 Throttle Body for an easy Bolton power adder.

The Alpha throttle body is less expensive than the pro-series throttle body because it is made by die casting instead of billet machining. They are both very good throttle bodies, and both work very well.
Ask us about a Combo Package Deal for Cam Gears, Cams, Valvesprings, Retainers, and Valves.

Skunk2 has been on the market for years and has earned their reputation for making high end engine components. Skunk2 offers top of the line Cams and Valvetrain at a reasonable price.

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66mm, 70mm


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