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FuelTech PROBIKE B Expansion Harness is a terminated expansion harness to be used with an FT550 ECU and a PROBIKE A Harness. Designed for more advanced 4-cylinder sport motorcycles, it’s based on stock Hayabusa connectors and sensors and can be modified by changing connectors/lengths to fit many bikes. Requires PROBIKE A Harness which is sold separately.

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PROBIKE B Expansion Harness is an expansion harness to be used in a FT550 ECU combined with the PROBIKE A Harness. Based on a Hayabusa motorcycle with 8 injectors, can also be used in other 4-cylinder 8 injectors motorcycles application with some modification.
It comes setup for extra 4 injectors (Hayabusa Sumitomo connectors).
It has the following engine sensors pre-wired: Intake Air Temperature (IAT), Pan Vac/Back Pressure sensor, Wastegate/Nitrous, Gear Position and Rear Shock (FT Travel Sensor).
There is an OUTPUTS connector to custom wire up to 8 additional outputs like wastegate boost control solenoids, nitrous solenoids, fuel pump activation, external shift light, gear shifting and more.
There is an INPUTS connector to custom wire up to 2 additional inputs for sensors and switch button, like shift switch button, 2 step, flex fuel sensor, shifter air pressure, ride height (laser or ultra-sonic) and more.
*In order to wire the additional INPUTS & OUTPUTS terminated in this harness, you must order this harness with the optional mating connector kits.

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with mating plug kit, without mating plug kit


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