Injector Dynamics ID2000


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These injectors are NOT compatible with gasolines containing MTBE, specifically VP Q16 and VP Import

Finally, a great solution for people that need more than 1500cc/min!!

The new Injector Dynamics ID2000 flows 2200cc/min at 3 bar (43.5psi) and is high impedance. That means no injector resistor or injector driver is needed. With the capability of running up to 130psi and flowing 3700cc/min, the needs for running multiple injectors per cylinder are gone on all but the most demanding methanol applications.

With the most linear flow in it’s class, great atomization and full injector dead time information provided, there really is no competition for the ID2000. Check out this video to see how well they run in a worst case scenario, a bone stock 120hp car!

Each injector includes the necessary adaptor top and electrical connector. The adaptor tops mechanically lock to the injector and also incorporate a 7 micron replaceable filter.

With a maximum pressure capability of 7 bar and excellent low pulse width extension, this is a versatile injector that will be at home in many different applications.

From high power high boost daily drivers, to NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycles and record setting turbo road race sedans, the ID1000 set the standard and marked the beginning of a new era in fuel injector performance.

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