FT500 To FT550 Adapter Harness


FT500 to FT550 adapter harness

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FT500 to FT550 plug and play adapter harness is the fastest way of using a FT550 on an existing FT500 installation.
The adapter is 16 inches long and has 2 FT500 connectors (24 and 16 ways), 2 FT550 connectors (2x 26 ways), 2 CAN connectors and 1 connector for strain gauge shifter (4 ways).

Optional (10) FT550 terminals allow you wire additional inputs/outputs that are available on the FT550 compared to the FT500.

1 FT500 main connector – 24 ways
1 FT500 auxiliary connector – 16 ways
1 FT600 A SUPERSEAL connector – 26 ways
1 FT600 B SUPERSEAL connector – 26 ways
1 CAN-A connector – 4 ways
1 CAN-B connector – 2 ways

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with (10) additional FT550 terminals, without additional FT550 terminals


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