Darton Mid Wet Sleeves


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Brand New! Darton MID Sleeves for Honda / Aura K20 engines replace your factory cylinder liners with high strength iron sleeves, eliminating a weak link in your engine and providing you with the strength needed to get the full potential from your setup without losing any sleep worrying about cracking a factory sleeve and taking the engine out.

MID stands for “Modular Integrated Deck”. If you notice the sides of the top of the sleeves are notched so they mate up flush against each other, providing a full rigid structure when assembled, but still able to be replaced individually if needed. As shown in the photo, the top flange has coolant passages and the outside surface of the sleeve contains “fins” that help reduce heat soak within the sleeve, helping keep the heat out of your internals where it could cause damage cracking, warping, etc.


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