Darton Flanged Dry Sleeves S2000


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Brand New! Flanged Darton Dry Sleeves for Honda S2000 F20C engines replace your factory cylinder liners with high strength iron sleeves, eliminating a weak link in your engine and providing you with the strength needed to get the full potential from your setup without losing any sleep worrying about cracking a factory sleeve and taking the engine out.

This particular model of sleeve is designed as one step up from a stock replacement sleeve, not a high power race engine. This would be perfect if you are just looking to get a proper cylinder wall finish without compromising the structural integrity of your block by removing material.

Aftermarket pistons like Wiseco, CP, JE, and others require that you replace your factory sleeves before installing the pistons. Most pistons are not compatible with the material that the factory S2000 sleeves are made out of. So aftermarket sleeves like these are required before swapping out your pistons for a set of forged aftermarket ones.




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