Brian Crower Stage 2 Turbo Cams


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A set of Brian Crower Stage 2 Turbo Cams for for Honda B18A/B Non-Vtec Engines.

Stage 2 Turbo – This cam is perfect for mild turbo setups, will shift the powerband slightly higher where it would better supply the turbo with air than a stock cam would.

If you are going for big power with a large turbo, we reccomend using a larger cam than this, this cam would be perfect for a Turbo B18A/B that is looking to pick up more power per pound of boost and behaves very well on the street and does not sacrifice any drivablility.

Brian Crower is a fairly new company in the Cam and Valvetrain industry, but has quickly made a name for itself for providing quality parts at a reasonable cost,and they have proven themselves to be well worth the money every time.


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