Brian Crower Stage 2 All Motor Cams


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This is for a brand new set of Brian Crower Stage 2 All Motor Cams for for Honda H22 Engines.

Stage 2 All Motor – These cams are perfect for a H22A with all of the bolt-ons (intake, header, exhaust, computer) but stock or near-stock compression pistons. If you are building a high compression engine, you would likely be better off using the stage 3 cam. If you have any questions please email or call us so we can help you with your decision. This cam behaves well on the street, and does not sacrifice any drivability.

Brian Crower is a fairly new company in the Cam and Valvetrain industry, but has quickly made a name for itself for providing quality parts at a reasonable price (a concept that’s hard to find in today’s market.) We have tried Brian Crower Cams and Valvetrain on several applications at our own shop and they have proven themselves to be well worth the money every time. We suggest Brian Crower Cams


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