Brian Crower 2.4L Stroker Kit 97mm


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The Brian Crower 2.47L Stroker kit for this engine comes with an 97mm Stroker crank, H-beam connecting rods, and custom pistons. There are 2 options for pistons, CP or JE. Both are extremely high quality, top of the line, 2618 alloy. Both piston options come with rings, pins, and locks. The H beam connecting rods will come with ARP2000 rod bolts unless you select for the 625+ rod bolt upgrade below. Upgrading the rod bolt becomes a good idea in the 600+hp range and/or 9000+ revving engines.

Since the pistons are custom built to your specifications, this kit has a 4 week build time before shipping.


Please let us know what Bore Size and Compression Ratio you would like in the notes section of the checkout process.
For optional extras please see below


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