Boost Controller 2


Multi stage Boost Controller with dual ramp per stage.
2 control solenoids included.

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16×2 characters OLED display and buttons that allow programming directly on the unit. No computer needed
Active boost control through wastegate pressure management
Up to 6 stages of Boost and 1 launch stage
For drag racing, circuit and street cars
Dual Boost Ramp Control per Stage
Burnout mode (fixed boost for burnout)
2 control solenoids included

Scramble and reduce inputs to instantly boost increase or decrease pressure
Pivot and final pressure per stage
Boost line or CO2 reservoir compatible (for quick and precise control)
3 modes of adjustment:
– Time and pressure
– Time and Ramp
– Ramp and Pressure
3 internal memory files
87psi Integrated Pressure Sensor with 0,145psi resolution
Security password
CAN connection for firmware update*
Can only be used with solenoids provided by FuelTech. May not work properly with other solenoids
Dimensions: 140mm x 80mm x 30mm
w/ 10ft blank harness
*FuelTech USB-CAN Converter needed – sold separately


1 BoostController2
1 Operation and installation guide
1 6ft Nylon hose for MAP Sensor
1 CAN CAN harness
1 6ft Boost Controller harness
1 Smart Clip Bracket & Hardware
2 30 BAR 12V 5W control solenoids
1 Promotional kit (including a pen, a keychain and a FuelTech black carbon fibre sticker)


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