ATI Race Super Damper Crank Pulley (no air conditioning)


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Application: Honda / Acura B-Series

This is a brand new 7″ ATI Super Damper “Race” Series Crank Pulley for Honda/Acura B-Series Engines.

ATI’s 7” and 6.325” race versions are built with all-out power in mind. You won’t find drives for A/C and power steering here. The alternator drive is built into the hub with laser engraved 360° timing marks on outer damper shell.

Much like many other factory parts in your engine, the crank pulley is a wear-item with a shelf-life. The rubber pieces in the factory damper can deteriorate over time, causing a failure that could result in pistons hitting the valves, and destroying your engine. Also, factory crank pulleys were designed to operate at a certain speed and maximum rpm. When racing an engine, we often rev it higher than it was designed to from the factory, pushing many of the factory parts past their design criteria closer to failure.

For this reason, many sanctioned race classes require an “SFI Approved” crank pulley/damper, and will not even allow factory crank pulleys through inspection.


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