AeroMotive Stealth 340lph in Tank Fuel Pump


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Aeromotive changed the fuel system industry this year by releasing a new in-tank fuel pump (similar to the walbro 255lph) that flows a whopping 340 liters per hour (a 33% flow increase over the popular walbro in tank fuel pumps.

This pump works equally as well with gasoline or E85 and is quickly becoming the in-tank pump of choice for E85 users that require an increase in fuel flow. Many people use just this pump by itself to do the job, but on high power setups that require more flow, you could run this pump in the tank, and a Bosch 044 In-Line pump outside of the tank with a surge tank between the two.

This Pump comes with the universal install kit shown in the product image including a Fuel Filter that attaches to the bottom of the pump, an extension hose and clamps that will be needed in many applications, a foam sock for fitment in many applications, and a pig-tail electrical connector that you will replace your factory connector with.


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