10 E-Series Black 235 E-85 Compatible Stainless Core Hose


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The RHP 230 Series hose is a black nylon braided hose with a unique half layer of high quality braided stainless wire hidden beneath. Our 230 series hose uses a fuel resistant seamless NBR synthetic tube liner; Combine that with our industry exclusive bonding process and you have the highest quality nylon braided hose available. With a stainless core you can be assured that you get the best of both worlds, and aesthetically pleasing hose with protection of stainless; all while providing a pressure rating unsurpassed by the competition..

The RHP Pro-Series 230 hose is engineered for use with our 1000 Series Swivel Seal, 6000 Series Non-Swivel and 7000 Series Crimp Style hose ends.

* This Hose is not designed for use on high pressure power steering lines and is not to be used for high pressure hydraulic application.

Available in pre-cut 3′,6′,10′,20′ and 50′ lengths (50 foot lengths only available in sizes -04 through -10).

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3ft, 10ft, 20ft, 50ft, 6ft


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